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Though setting up and using your website is simple, you may have a few questions. Have more questions? Please contact us.

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About Neighborhood Link

About Your Website

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About Neighborhood Link

  • Is my information going to be shared or sold to some other company?
    Neighborhood Link respects your privacy. We never share or sell email addresses or any other personal information.
  • Are residents of my neighborhood going to be bothered by email spam or other solicitations?
    No! Neighborhood Link may occasionally alert you and your neighbors about about a new feature or service. These announcements are extremely rare and since we do not give your information to any third party, you will not receive solicitations from anyone else.
  • How does Neighborhood Link make money?
    Because Neighborhood Link is so popular, we are able to generate revenue through simple sponsorship advertising on our web pages. The advertising is limited in scope and does not clutter the pages.
  • Is Neighborhood Link a government program, owned by another company, or affiliated with a political group or cause?
    Neighborhood Link is a privately owned, for-profit company located in Denver, Colorado. We are not a government program, and are not owned by another company, or affiliated with any political group or cause.

About Your Website

  • How do I let my neighbors know about our website?
    There are many ways to invite your neighbors to your website. Email them to announce the launch of your site, and be sure to email them again when there is an interesting discussion or important information on your website. Be sure to include your website address in your printed newsletter. You can also hand out fliers at neighborhood and board meetings.
  • Does my neighborhood already have a Neighborhood Link website?
    When you are setting up your Neighborhood Link website for the first time, we automatically check to see if your neigborhood already has a website. If it does, you can sign in to participate.
  • What if my neighborhood has another website? Can we still use a Neighborhood Link website?
    Some neighborhoods and HOAs have a separate website already developed. That's great! Many neighborhoods maintain their existing website while using features on their Neighborhood Link website like the discussion area and document storage. If you would like to retire your other website, and transfer your domain and other information to your new Neighborhood Link website, we can help make that transition quick and easy.
  • Do I need special skills or training to add information or photos to my website?
    Your Neigborhood Link website is very simple to use. If you can send an email, you can add information, join discussions, add photos, and upload documents to your website.

Upgrade to Premium Website

  • What extra features will I have?
    The premium features allow you more control of your site. You can create private and public areas, approve or deny membership for your neighbors, decide who can add content, and change the look of the site. You can see these features described in more detail here .
  • How much does it cost and how will we pay?
    There are two plans: $18 per month or $180 per year. With the annual plan we provide a free domain name and 12 months of service for the price of 10. We accept both credit and debit cards, and you'll receive a paid invoice in case you need to be reimbursed.
  • My organization doesn't haven't a credit card, can we pay by check?
    Only the annual plan ($180) can be invoiced and paid by check. Once we receive your payment, we'll switch your site to premium. Please call us to make arrangements at 1-888-241-0123 ext. 117.
  • Can I try it out to see if it's right for us?
    Yes, you can start out with the $18 a month plan, and upgrade to the annual plan at any time!
  • Will I have to redo what I already have on my free site?
    No, everything you already have on your free site will move seamlessly over to your premium version.
  • How do I sign up?
    Click here or click the green button below.

More Questions?

We hope we have answered your questions. If not, please contact us.

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